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  About Us  

OffsiteIT strives to be the foremost nationwide source of managed IT services to small to medium sized businesses that currently do not have a dedicated or full IT Department. We will achieve this goal by continually improving the significance of our services while focusing on assisting our customers to be more efficient, dynamic and satisfied with their technology

  The Problem  

Frequently, small businesses are unable to afford a full time IT staff member or even an outside IT consultant. Most of the time, this isn’t a problem, except when something foes wrong with your computer system or if you just need some technical advice. IT consultants can charge as much as $150 an hour and a full time IT staff member would break the salary budget for the year. When this happens, small business owners handle the problem by asking a tech savvy friend to help or a product-focused manufacturer who may offer solutions particular to a single piece of hardware or a single software application. Neither of these options help the business owner with the assistance needed keep the entire technology system running smoothly all the time.

As a small business owner, you may be asking how can a small business compete in today’s fast-paced business environment? And how can a small business owner be

assured of taking full advantage of their technology investment while optimizing system performance?

  The Solution  

OffsiteIT delivers technical support equal to the level of support found at large corporations. The primary difference is, OffsiteIT is affordable. For an affordable flat monthly fee, we give the small business owner the highest quality service possible by utilizing a combination of local onsite experts and network management tools and services performed over the Internet by our remote tech support team.


These services are all in one place—All at once price.

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